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We offer a wide array of support services. We understand that your computers are very important to you. Our number 1 priority is to keep them running at their full potential. If you need support for your office or a home, we are happy to make house calls or if it is easier for you we also provide remote IT support and laptop or desktop computer repair at our office by appointment.


Adding flexibility to your communication needs can be a easily accomplished with cloud based VOIP phone solutions. New technologies allow for customization of your phone system to adapt for your specific needs. All of this can be accomplished for a lower cost than standard phone lines. Start capitalizing on your ideal communication solution.


Don’t let the quality of your online presence fall short of your service. Having a quality website is a direct representation of what your business stands for. In today’s digital age it is more important to have a website designed by  a professional than to have a business card. Allow us to build your online presence that will stand out among  your competitors.

5 Star Reviews (on Google)

Numerous Satisfied Customers

I have called Computer Medic

I have called Computer Medic on several occasions. Both Richard and Marlena have answered my questions and fixed the problems. If a visit was required, Richard kept to his schedule (and mine) and he left with my laptop in tiptop condition. Thank you.

Donna Unez

Excellent; Prompt knowledgeable responsible service.

Excellent; Prompt knowledgeable responsible service. goes beyond the reason for the service call and evaluates other areas of possible problems. I have used Computer Medic for 10 years and have always recommended Computer Medic to friends and associates.

Robert M. Regent