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We offer a wide array of computer repair and support services. We understand that your computers are very important to you. Our number 1 priority is to keep them running at their full potential.


VOIP phone solutions allow for customization of your phone system that adapts to your lifestyle. All of this can be accomplished for a lower cost than standard phone lines.


Don’t let the quality of your online presence fall short. Having a quality website represents what your business stands for. Allow us to build your online presence that will stand out among  your competitors.

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Computer Medic keeps me sane!!!!!!!

I have been using computers since the mid 90s. And over the years I used a variety of services to help keep the computer up and running. In all those years I have NEVER had people as helpful as Marlena and Richard
I call with a problem and next thing I know is one of them is asking if it would be okay to come on to the computer………………….the answer is ALWAYS a resounding YES!
In no time, the computer is up and running, often along with some suggestions for fixing the problem on my own in the future.
I would HIGHLY recommend Computer Medic to everyone!!!!
So you can get started the phone number is 973-910-1349.

Marti Tell

My “Go-To” Computer Guy and Gal

I have been using the services of Richard Metting ever since I moved to Cedar Crest 7 years ago. When writing my first check to him after he came to my apartment to fix my computer, I asked him “To whom should I make it payable?” He said “Computer Medic,” but I heard him wrong and wrote “Computer MAGIC.” The check did (magically) go through. I told him later that “MAGIC” would have been a more appropriate name for his firm!
Later on, Marlena helped me several times. She has been equally competent, although she always solved my problems on line, and I have yet to meet her in person. They form a great team, and I would recommend Richard and Marlena without any hesitation.
Alpha Chiang

Alpha Chiang

Tech Tips

by Richard Metting, Marlena Di Donato and AJ Poremba