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We offer a wide array of computer repair and support services. We understand that your computers are very important to you. Our number 1 priority is to keep them running at their full potential.


VOIP phone solutions allow for customization of your phone system that adapts to your lifestyle. All of this can be accomplished for a lower cost than standard phone lines.


Don’t let the quality of your online presence fall short. Having a quality website represents what your business stands for. Allow us to build your online presence that will stand out among  your competitors.

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Making a flyer on a company website into an attachment that I could send around to a mass marketing list.

Marlena helped me set up the computer technical aspects of my mass marketing campaign for our Sept. 22nd financial workshop with ease while teaching me how to do it. She’s a wiz.

Dennis M. Goldstein

Thanks so much!

I do love you and the fact that I can reach at least 1 of you!  Thanks so much for being my computer support system. I really appreciate your help!

Phyliss Becker

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by Richard Metting, Marlena Di Donato and AJ Poremba