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Both are great!

Both you and Richard have helped me so many times with whatever problems have come up. I know I can always count on you to fix whatever. You both are great.

Sandra Moore

Richard was most helpful.

Richard was most helpful, He fixed all my problems. I will continue to use his service in the future, as needed.

Edythe Kornfeld

Wonderful Tech Support

The Computer Medics team are true professionals and a pleasure to work with. Marlena and Richard are both highly skilled at their work and kind, caring people. I have been working closely with them for seven years and could not be happier. Having Computer Medic’s work with me and my team has helped my business grow.

Deborah A Crane

Totally competent, on time and clear with explanations

Totally competent, on time and clear with explanations. I know that if I have issues, they will be fixed in a timely fashion, so that my laptop will be in tiptop condition when Richard leaves. Thank you for your expertise.

Donna Inez