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Absolutely the best!

Marlena & Richard always save my neck when my PC or software goes haywire. They help me often.

Martin Phillips

Wonderful Diagnosis and Advice

Hi Marlena,

Thanks so much for diagnosing my computer malfunction as my keyboard
being inundated with moisture from a spill next to it of my tea cup. Your advice
was wonderful. The solution forthcoming.

Best regards,

Dennis M. Goldstein

Always there

I consider myself computer ignorant. I call Marlena and she always has the answer and does so from her office. Rarely can she not solve the problem and if she does have a problem, Richard is always available to come to the apartment and fix it. They have been my go to since I moved to Cedar Crest 11 years ago. Very happy with them.

Katherine Weltner

Whenever I have a problem

Whenever I have a problem with my lap top, or my wife’s, I always contact Computer Medic for help and advice. They have always come through for me, and best of all I trust them with my computer needs and issues.

Hans-Jurgen Lehmann