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Quick Expert Service

Over the years, Rick and Marlena have always given me quick and efficient service.
I couldn’t be more pleased.
John Merz

John S. Merz

job well done

computer medic is fast, efficient and careful. throw in a lot of training if it’s needed. I’ve used them for many years and here they are when I need them.


Job Well Done

After, reviewing several different CRM platforms. Engineered Solar, contracted Bitrix24 to host the CRM tool we are now using. The company did however run into a conflict with the SMS and MMS interface. After several calls and emails with Bitrix24 CRM support we were going to cancel and go with Sales Force. Sales Force came highly recommended. However the cost exceeded our budget. Just when I thought I would throw in the towel. Susan our HR Director suggested we try Computer Medic. After reaching out to Marlena and doing a zoom call with her. Marlena resolved all of the issues we were having. I am so pleased with the work that she performed and the time it took to resolve the issues. As a company we have decided going forward to let Marlena consult on all IT issues and concerns.
Thank you again for a “JOB WELL DONE”
Alex Chapin
Civil Engineer VP/SALES
Engineered Solar LLC

R Alexander (Alex) Chapin

Best Computer Service!!!

They are always there for you. Rich always arrives on time and I have
never had a problem that he couldn’t fix. Whenever I call the office,
Marlena is very helpful. I have been using them for years and I highly
recommend them!!!

Pat Bruno