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A testament to reliable service.

As usual, you promptly came to my assistance today ( August 24, 2020) and solved my printer problem.

Arthur J. Timins
Arthur J. Timins, Attorney


I have been using Computer Medic for many years at Cedar Crest.
The same day service, whether by phone or in person, is excellent and reliable.

Irene Buff

Marlena is a Lifesaver!

Marlena is a lifesaver! She is my go-to for all my computer issues. Very professional, friendly and most of all LISTENS!! I absolutely love the service she provides. When I say a lifesaver I mean it! Once I accidentally deleted all my “Favorites”. Everything I had saved for years was gone! She was able to restore the file. Unbelievable! I can always count on Computer Medic for resolving my computer issues.
Thank you, Marlena, for helping me with all my computer problems. I so do appreciate you and your outstanding service!

Debbie Hessler-Welch

Here’s to Richard!

We have only been with Computer Medic for about a year, but Richard has been an absolute pleasure to work with, having saved our bacon a number of times already. When he fixes something, it stays fixed. He’s just what we needed!

Betsy Burr