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Marlena and Richard to the rescue!!!

Whenever I have had a computer/printer problem, either Richard or Marlena have come to my rescue, and stayed with me until the problem was resolved. – Can’t ask for more. – Thank you!!!!!

irene buff

Quick and competent service

Could’nt connect printer to computer, but Richard arrives as promised, heard me describe my problem, sat down to my computer and not only fixed the problem, he also speeded up the computer. All of the foregoing done in a very short time as well as teaching me how to avoid future printer/ computer difficulties. Really great work! I highly recommend them.

Robert J. Murray

Richard and Marlena put me

Richard and Marlena put me back in operation several time to get my Apple computer and my Apple Ipad working properly , particularly to use my printer Brother with my i pad. Both are very prompt for me at Ceder Crest.

Bernard Japy

Needed computer cleaning

I messaged Rich on FaceBook asking when his availability was to clean my computer since it was running slow as molasses we arranged a time where he can clean it for me .
My computer is running MUCH better now so I do not have to wait forever to get from one screen to the next . my computer was due for a cleaning . I think the last one I had was maybe earlier this year or sometime late last year at some point , so it was very due . Thanks for your time Rich .

David Farinick