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Just a phone call away is help of the best kind.

I have a very basic knowledge of computers. Problems happen and I am at a standstill at how to correct them. That is why the phone service is so important. I know that at least 85% of my problems are my lack of knowledge. Just a phone call away is help of the best kind. After working with Rich or Marlena I feel as if I know what I’m doing but the best part is I do and I can get lots done. I’m so happy that I have two lovely people to call and get help all in one day. THANK YOU.

Louise Aldsworth

Marlena and Richard to the rescue!!!

Whenever I have had a computer/printer problem, either Richard or Marlena have come to my rescue, and stayed with me until the problem was resolved. – Can’t ask for more. – Thank you!!!!!

irene buff

A Service well worth having!!!

I have used this service several times. In my experience, Richard arrives when he promises, listens attentively, and then fixes the problem(s) fast. If the problem is unfixable, he tells you how to work around it. I recommend him without reservation.

Fred Palace

Peace of Mind

Knowing that your sevice is a phone call away is reassuring and comforting. I have been in Emergency Mode and the pick up of my phone places you at my side. I am rescued, I can continue with peace of mind. You assist is most necessary in my partially filled Techy knowledge. I turn things over to you and am comforted.

Thanks for being there. I would be lost without your services. Your warmth and dedication to handling my account is to be commended. Please, never leave me. Joe Rosica

Joseph Rosica