I think you should change your name to COMPUTER GURU

Marlene is the best. Every time I ran into a problem, I call her and she gets into my computer, fixes it, explains it to me and follows up with an email reminding me to do it myself. She’s the best. This

Joann Scanlon

Virus Prevention and Removal

We can recommend the best antivirus solution for you. We have tried and tested them all! Don't let viruses stop you from accomplishing what you need to accomplish. Already have a virus? Allow our professional team to get you up and running again.

Hard Drive Replacements

Failed Hard Drive? We will help get your system back up and running.

Software Installs

No software is too big or too small to install. We install everything from Antivirus to Operating System upgrades.

Computer Setups

New Computer? No problem. We can help get you started. We will do everything from unboxing, setting up, transferring data from old pc to training and properly disposing your old computer.

No Repair Refused

New Printer? Broken Hard drive? Cracked Screen? Computer overheating?

You name it. We fix it.

Q & A

What are your fees?

We always strive to be as fair as possible with our pricing. Residential fees are $100.00 per hour. All service calls, regardless of the time spent resolving as issue are subject to minimum service fee of $75.00. New customers get a 10% discount off their first visit.

How quickly can my computer get fixed?

It is always our goal to deliver same day or next day service. Sometimes when we have a higher volume or need to order a part, it takes a little bit longer. But we know how hard it is to be without your computer and we always do everything we can to return it to you ASAP.

Do you except credit and debit cards? 

Yes. We do accept credit and debit cards. We also accept direct ACH withdrawals.

Do you fix Apple Macbooks, Desktops, iPads?

Yes. At Computer Medic... we treat all computers alike.

Do you have any discounts or Promotions?

Yes Please see our deals to print out discounts and available promotions.

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