Richard, Marlena and AJ,You guys

Richard, Marlena and AJ,
You guys are the best and I can’t thank you enough for your great service and knowledge. You keep us oldsters in the game!!!
David Lewis

David Lewis

Printer Setup

Computer Medic is an awesome company, Their attention to detail and professionalism is top notch. Thanks to Marlena

Ken Bauer

kenneth Bauer

Richie is a smart and calm

Richie is a smart …calm …help with iPad and iPhone. I have called the company 2 times….

I wish I had found them years ago.

Susan Bergman

I have recommended him to my friend..and he was also very pleased.

Susan Bergman

Providing this caliber of services to me in the past 16 years

Marlena, as she did it before a few times, has helped me to iron out a software subscription problem. For the same service, I found out that I had involved with 3 subscriptions, for one device, 5 devices, and 10 devices. And perhaps with other redundant variations too. It is virtually impossible for me to have this problem ironed out. Thanks to Marlena, who spent a lengthy effort to eliminate this mess with the provider. I heartily am grateful for her time, her effort, her expertise, and mostly her kindness in helping out this mix-up. She and Richard have been providing this caliber of services to me in the past 16 years since I moved to this retirement community.

Youl-Nan Chen
(Private, retired)

Quick and Accurate!

Marlena from Computer Medic gave me quick and accurate info on what was wrong with my computer. She fixed it and I have not had a problem since. I really need a new computer and my family is working on that for me.

Helen Buckley

Computer Medic came to my rescue.

Computer Medic came to my rescue. I am so sorry I took so long to call them. AJ was super. I had the computer back in no time. Received my lesson on the use of the IPAD AJ is a good teacher and has a lot of patience. I am just scared, I will forget what I learned so I plan on using the computer and IPAD every day to keep the info fresh in my aging brain. Thank you for the professional help. I will certainly keep your phone number very handy for my friends to use. Thank You!!!


Great service

The brother, sister combo is wonderful, and now the addition of AJ. Nice work team!

Frank C

Frank Cangelosi

Experience Is Our Best Teacher

I have been using Computer Medic services for more than 7 years, and have always been satisfied with Richard’s and Marlene’s attention to detail, computer knowledge and timeliness in making and keeping appointments. I would not use any other service, because I feel they are very reliable, knowledgeable, and honest. I believe they are the best for my computer needs.

Phyllis Hassard


My husband and I get into trouble more often than I’d like to admit–but Richard has cheerfully cut to the heart of the matter and solved our problems in no time. What would we do without him? Can’t imagine.Hope never to find out.

Betsy Burr





Well both RICHARD AND MARLENA have done a lots of my computers that I kept some plus I give some to the people who does not have no computer , but they did a very nice job plus they were also very reasonable .. The best part that I never saw people give you respect and plus they do not want money when they fix your computers .they take the money when they are done .. Plus they came to my house to help me for my new computer and printer… I just like to say thank you… Hope you guys are safe.. have a great day….. Giuseppe Soriano

giuseppe soriano

Quick availability and Efficient Expertise

Richard and Marlena have both provided me with incredible installation and repair services through many years. They are an incomparable GO-TO team for all kinds of computer problems. Tops in my opinion!

Alpha C Chiang

When in need, call Computer Medic

Here’s a summary of how these professionals operate: House call; trouble shoot; analyze and explain problem to me and then solve the problem. I feel lucky that they are my backup when I need help.

nat i. arkin

Integrity, Commitment, Competence

Rich has consistently provided us with everything we’ve needed over the past 5 or 6 years or so. He has treated like friends and always found the most expedient and least expensive way to proceed. Our needs have always been responded to quickly while avoiding unneeded bells and whistles with both our office and home computer and internet needs. If would be a better world if more people would run their businesses and treat their customers the way they do.

Dr. Sal Benanti


It is such a relief and pleasure to know that inevitably when our internet, computers, printers etc. run amuck, we are lucky enough to have Rich and Marlena to call for help.
They always come through, fix the issues and in the kindest, most informative, patient and thorough of ways.
It’s like having a calm and caring friend take a problem and before you know it…problem solved!
I told Rich he needs a super hero cape because honestly in my book he totally deserves it!
We are so grateful they were recommended to us and know that we can always count on them to make the problematic technical side of things much less stressful and that worry off of our plate!
Thank you!

Linda Benanti

Whenever I have a problem

Whenever I have a problem with my lap top, or my wife’s, I always contact Computer Medic for help and advice. They have always come through for me, and best of all I trust them with my computer needs and issues.

Hans-Jurgen Lehmann

Well done Computer Medic!

Had a problem this morning. Called Computer Medic and BOOM, problem solved. It is so reassuring, when my computer is so important to me, that these very capable people are available to me. Highly recommend.

Benard Appel

Great Experience!

Brought them a laptop with a crashing hard drive. Two other companies looked at it and didn’t know if they could save it. Computer Medic took the laptop, worked their magic, popped in a new SSD drive, and I’m back in business with all my data and all my programs. Great customer service from start to finish. Will definitely use them again and highly recommend their service.

Anthony Vaccaro

It’s a comfort to have someone a phone call away

It’s a comfort to have Marlena and Richard a phone call away when your computer or TV are not behaving!!!They’re so pleasant to work with and very knowledgeable.

iris tarafdar

Marlena, Richard and now AJ

Marlena, Richard and now AJ are terrific. I have complete trust in them. They always resolve my computer issues expeditiously. I highly recommend Computer Medic.

Joseph Riva

Great Work

Just terrific. I can’t say enough. A difficult problem to say the least. Fixed. What more can you ask.

Bernard Appel

Wonderful service! Very professional.

Wonderful service! Very professional and knowledgeable. Explains computer concepts in way that I can understand.

Dr John D Aston
Dr. John D. Aston

Kudos to Computer Medic

It is a great comfort to me and my wife, a couple of seniors who grew up before the computer age, to be able to call on Computer Medic to bail us out when we run into trouble with our electronic devices.

nat arkin


Our need for fast and dependable computer service is vital to our business. Computer Medic fills that need perfectly. We highly recommend them to anyone requiring the best – and fast- help available.

Edward Slingland

I have used Rich’s company

I have used Rich’s company many times. He is the best. He has such a professional, kind manner and always helps you.

Eve Kiraga

No match for service!

You just can’t do any better for computer help.

Jackie Harris

Awesome service, quick response! Thank-you!

Awesome service, quick response! Thank-you!

Russ Van Buiten

Simply Amazing

After receiving an update from the from Microsoft on my Windows 10 operating system on my Dell desktop the computer got stuck on the reboot (with the windows logo on my screen and I could not turn off the computer). Rich and Marlena responded in turn and Marlena was assigned to help me which she did simply by correctly diagnosing the problem and directing me to reboot. I had thought I was caught up in a computer virus and needed a home visit to solve the problem. I was relieved to know it was really a simple problem to solve. Thank you Marlena and Rich.

Dennis Mark Goldstein


Problem solved! Great job, excellent service!

Russ Van Buiten

Tech Support

We are fortunate to have the technical support of Computer Medic’s professional staff. We can depend on them to solve and correct our tech problems. We have and will continue to recommend Computer Medic to our friends.

nat i arkin

Thank You

As usual, Computer Medic has been timely and effective in helping us to manage our computers! Keep up the good work. It’s wonderful to know that there’s such super assistance as we run into snags in our computer use from time to time.

Flo Wilson/Bill Longwell

Here’s to Richard!

We have only been with Computer Medic for about a year, but Richard has been an absolute pleasure to work with, having saved our bacon a number of times already. When he fixes something, it stays fixed. He’s just what we needed!

Betsy Burr

Computer Medic has been my salvation

Computer Medic has been my salvation. Many time I needed help in my Apple computer, Richard or Marlena, in just a telephone call or a drop in my place show me how to fix the problem.
I highly recomend Computer Medic for any computer problems.

Bernard Japy

Absolutely the best!

Marlena & Richard always save my neck when my PC or software goes haywire. They help me often.

Martin Phillips

Great team

I recommend computer medic (a brother & sister team) to anyone who’s having computer issues. Marlena is very knowledgeable & prices are very reasonable. A quick response & resolve to your issues! Check them out!

Joyce Krumpholz

Very professional and extremely friendly

Very professional and extremely friendly service.
I’d very highly recommend for any computer related work needed.

Greg Kimble

A testament to reliable service.

As usual, you promptly came to my assistance today ( August 24, 2020) and solved my printer problem.

Arthur J. Timins
Arthur J. Timins, Attorney

Wonderful Tech Support

The Computer Medics team are true professionals and a pleasure to work with. Marlena and Richard are both highly skilled at their work and kind, caring people. I have been working closely with them for seven years and could not be happier. Having Computer Medic’s work with me and my team has helped my business grow.

Deborah A Crane

Gratitude Abounding!

We seem to have lots of trouble with our computers, and have tried different services, but yours is The Best! Reliable, prompt, thoroughly professional, and able to communicate with non-techies like me. Thanks so much!

Betsy & Stefan Burr
We seem to have lot of struggles with our two computers

Rescued again!

Marlena rescued my laptop from yet another Windows update hijack. Some expert detective work by Computer Medic solved the problem and saved the weekend project I had scheduled.
Call them first when you have a computer problem – they will fix it for you!

Joann West

Dependable, Quick to Respond, and Very Patient

Richard and Marlena have done my computer work as long as I can remember. He recently
installed a new computer and related equipment. Through the years they have been
dependable, quick to respond, and very patient. I have recommended them to my entire
family. He now services my immediate family and extended family. You will not be disappointed
if you give them a try.

Anthony Bruno


Excellent service as always.

James Marotta

Quick Expert Service

Over the years, Rick and Marlena have always given me quick and efficient service.
I couldn’t be more pleased.
John Merz

John S. Merz

Have never failed me yet!

I have used Computer Medic a number of times for various computer issues, and they have never let me down! Prompt, excellent, and friendly service each and every time!

Sandy Westra
MedWrite Services, Inc

Always there

Always there to help with any problem. Marlania Is great and her brother came to my home twice even though it was a long trip. There have the lowest prices and the most professional service.
Thanks for all your help

Thomas Moriarty

Boy, did I waste a lot of time and money with Geek Squad!

Boy, did I waste a lot of time and money with Geek Squad!
Marlena, you’re much better than the Four Season’s song. You’re my ace in the hole when I’m in trouble with my computer!
just Chuck

george rohde

Stopped receiving email!

Outstanding technical help, cheerfully given: Solved my problems fast!
Thank you Computer Medic

Martin Phillips

A good experience. My desktop is still smiling!

Never having used the services of Computer Medic until now, I could not be any more satisfied with their knowledge, professionalism, reasonable costs, and quick turnarounds.
I plan to use their services again and strongly recommend that you look into having Computer Medic make your life a lot easier!

Dan Colina

My computer was not working and now it is!

My computer was not working properly,. I was not able to delete messages without them coming back…thousands of trashed msgs. I called Computer Medic, spoke with Marlena and she got right to figuring out what was happening over the phone. She was able to delete most of the msgs, asking which ones I would like to save.

My iPad was also giving me trouble. Richard looked at it and it is now working well.

Good, speedy service. We have used them for seven plus years.

Caroline Holling

Richard or Marlena always answer

Richard or Marlena always answer the telephone and somehow solve the concern which bowser me. When thy were allowed, thy could fix problems right in your appartement . When problems come, I recommend there help. BJ

Bernard japy

8 years satisfied



Computer Medic responds quickly & courteously

Both Marlena & Richard GET that when my PCs/network is down, I lose money/reputation and their short response time has been SO appreciated!
Two competent and friendly service providers that I am happy to recommend without reservation.
Thank you Computer Medic!

Debra L. Morrison

Wonderful Diagnosis and Advice

Hi Marlena,

Thanks so much for diagnosing my computer malfunction as my keyboard
being inundated with moisture from a spill next to it of my tea cup. Your advice
was wonderful. The solution forthcoming.

Best regards,

Dennis M. Goldstein


Excellent service as usual by Marlena!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

James Marotta

Computer Medic have always been good

Computer Medic (Richard Metting and Marlena )have always been
good, but Richard was so very, very helpful, getting me on Skype, while we are all in isolation here at Cedar Crest–Thank you, Richard.

Rusty Richards

Alice I. Richards

Especially Now

We have always relied upon Richard and Marlena to set us up, fix our problems, and ease our technical anxieties. We have always appreciated their willingness, their availability and their expertise, but never so much as now. In the midst of quarantine, and relying even more than usual on our internet communication with others and our in-house diversion, Marlena kept us afloat and back-in-business from her faraway perch.

Thank you, Marlena!

We have always relied on Richard and Marlena to set us up, solve our problems and soothe our technical anxieties. We have always appreciated their willingness, their availability and their expertise, but never so much as now, in the midst of our isolation, when our internet communication with others and our in-home distractions are so vital to our sense of well-being. Thank you, Marlena, for being there for us.

Lucille and Roger Markay

Great Service

I can’t thank you enough.
Very quick professional service, outstanding.

William W. Stepic

Depenadable, Pleasant, and Fair

I have called upon Rich and Marlena countless times for computer problems, questions on cyber security, advice about computer equipment, etc. They have always made themselves available and provided solutions that were clearly
in the best interest of their customers. I have always felt comfortable in referring
them to numerous friends and acquaintances. In addition they have always
been pleasant, and fair with their charges. It is my privilege to recommend them
to anyone needing computer services.

Anthony Bruno

Anthony Bruno

Marlena is a Lifesaver!

Marlena is a lifesaver! She is my go-to for all my computer issues. Very professional, friendly and most of all LISTENS!! I absolutely love the service she provides. When I say a lifesaver I mean it! Once I accidentally deleted all my “Favorites”. Everything I had saved for years was gone! She was able to restore the file. Unbelievable! I can always count on Computer Medic for resolving my computer issues.
Thank you, Marlena, for helping me with all my computer problems. I so do appreciate you and your outstanding service!

Debbie Hessler-Welch

Local IT Super Hero!

My daughter & I have named Richard our Local IT Hero! At home on-line learning is stressful; social distancing due to the coronavirus is stressful; computer issues are stressful…… But Computer Medic made all the stress go away with one phone call…… My daughter lost her WiFi connection in the middle of the day for no apparent reason. We tried trouble shooting with our ISP and the Microsoft Help Desk to no avail. In a desperate state, I called Computer Medic asking if there was a way they could help us. Richard was calm and said he would try to help us. Within 20 minutes Richard assessed the issue and installed a new driver and we were back up and running! If you need a Local IT Hero, call Richard!

Brenda Pillari

A Long Record of Great Service

We have been living at Cedar Crest for 15 years. For all of that time Richard, on site and on line and Marlena on line, have kept our computer healthy and working well through hardware, software and power problems. They also provided advice on selecting a replacement and a seamless transition to the new computer. The older we get, the more we depend on the computer to keep us in communication with family , friends and the outside world. It is very comforting to know that effective, friendly, knowledgeable help and advice is just a phone call away.
Don & Fran Galvin

Donald J. Galvin

Great Service


Talked to Richard Metting, Computer Medic who is very personable and very competent about my mouse’s roll bar or scroll bar problem. Resolved the problem handily.

Dennis M. Goldstein, Primerica
Denville, NJ 07834

Dennis M. Goldstein

Happy Computer User

If you need computer repair look no further; wonderfully competent and helpful.

Paul R. Nelson

Richard is great!

Richard came at the appointed time and did the necessary repairs
in a timely manner. I was vey satisfied with his service.

Dolores Miller

Help when I need it.

When I need help with my computer I turn to Computer Medic. Richard or Marlena get back to me right away. They know their stuff and, without fail, solve my problem. Wonderful.


Wonderful, Knowledgeable support.

Marlena & Richard are always happy to give me terrific assistance with my PC problems. They’ve gotten me out of many jams. My system is running perfectly now.

Martin Phillips

Many thanks!!!!

I don’t know what I would have done without you. Many, many thanks for all your help. Best regards, Caroll

Carol Slote Bernstein

Excellent and prompt service as

Excellent and prompt service as always

Joan Holmes

Computer Medic keeps me sane!!!!!!!

I have been using computers since the mid 90s. And over the years I used a variety of services to help keep the computer up and running. In all those years I have NEVER had people as helpful as Marlena and Richard
I call with a problem and next thing I know is one of them is asking if it would be okay to come on to the computer………………….the answer is ALWAYS a resounding YES!
In no time, the computer is up and running, often along with some suggestions for fixing the problem on my own in the future.
I would HIGHLY recommend Computer Medic to everyone!!!!
So you can get started the phone number is 973-910-1349.

Marti Tell

Very pleased

Richard came to my house to work on some difficult and serious problems I was having with my emails. He had no trouble getting to the problems and had them fixed in short order. He knows his stuff and I would have no reservations in recommending him to deal with any computer related troubles.

Benard Appel

Life Savers!

Rich and Marlena are an absolute pleasure to work with! They are always able to solve any problems, and suggest IT solutions that work for our small business. They are life savers!

Christine Dovi

A great help!

As always, both Marlena and Richard were a great help. They made my computer work again. Thank you, thank you.

Alice I. Richaards

My “Go-To” Computer Guy and Gal

I have been using the services of Richard Metting ever since I moved to Cedar Crest 7 years ago. When writing my first check to him after he came to my apartment to fix my computer, I asked him “To whom should I make it payable?” He said “Computer Medic,” but I heard him wrong and wrote “Computer MAGIC.” The check did (magically) go through. I told him later that “MAGIC” would have been a more appropriate name for his firm!
Later on, Marlena helped me several times. She has been equally competent, although she always solved my problems on line, and I have yet to meet her in person. They form a great team, and I would recommend Richard and Marlena without any hesitation.
Alpha Chiang

Alpha Chiang

Will continue to use!

I was very pleased with the prompt and efficient service. I’ve used your
company for many years and will continue to do so,

Dolores Miller

Needed computer cleaning

I messaged Rich on FaceBook asking when his availability was to clean my computer since it was running slow as molasses we arranged a time where he can clean it for me .
My computer is running MUCH better now so I do not have to wait forever to get from one screen to the next . my computer was due for a cleaning . I think the last one I had was maybe earlier this year or sometime late last year at some point , so it was very due . Thanks for your time Rich .

David Farinick

Just a phone call away is help of the best kind.

I have a very basic knowledge of computers. Problems happen and I am at a standstill at how to correct them. That is why the phone service is so important. I know that at least 85% of my problems are my lack of knowledge. Just a phone call away is help of the best kind. After working with Rich or Marlena I feel as if I know what I’m doing but the best part is I do and I can get lots done. I’m so happy that I have two lovely people to call and get help all in one day. THANK YOU.

Louise Aldsworth

Printer problem solved in record time.

I had a problem with my network printer and Marlena set fixed it by adjusting the software online in about half an hour. Not having to wait for a technician was a blessing. This is the best computer repair experience I have ever had!!

Norman Lykes

Efficient Service

We have nothing but the highest praise, not only for prompt, efficient service but the clear competent explanation of the needed repair of our computer system. Over the years we have depended on Richard and Marlena and they always “come through” for us.

Bob & Sophie Murray

Thank you Computer Medic

Thank you Computer Medic for your wonderful timely help in restoring my broken network connection. Really great! Martin

Martin Phillips

Always there when needed !

I was reluctant to “disturb” Richard or Marlena when my computer decided to insert numerous question marks to disrupt my e-mail texts because they had had to spend so much time and effort trying to solve my last problem. I should have known my “gurus” would come through. In short order Marlena fixed the problem gratis and left me with an amazed smile. No wonder I like to recommend them to other puzzled computer users in our retirement village !

Marilyn Craine

Great Service & People

Cannot recommend more highly. Competent, fast and friendly service.

Jackie Harris

Richard is great!

Richard fixed our “sick” server quickly and got everything up and running. He is going to be our go-to guy for computer issues. Cordial, efficient, knowledgeable!

Stephen Craffen

Computer Medic Works its Magic

Computer Medic worked wonders on my computer and now it’s going great. Marlena also provided several tips on managing the computer which were very helpful. I’m so pleased and happy to have my computer in shipshape again.

Elizabeth Hogan

Quality Service

Very knowledgeable, patient and reliable. Appreciate the fact that our problems were resolved for a very reasonable price (without trying to “sell” us on “other” unnecessary things that are “wrong” with our system, and can be fixed for a “price”).

Alex Zepponi

Computer Medic is the company to call

We run 5 computers and I’m pretty good at fixing the usual problems, but when it gets complicated I call Rich or Marlena for that professional touch that keeps our company running. I suggest you do the same. Get real help without the con-jobs that make vital repair jobs a nightmare.
Ed & Cindy Slingland

Edward Slingland

Richard and Marlena put me

Richard and Marlena put me back in operation several time to get my Apple computer and my Apple Ipad working properly , particularly to use my printer Brother with my i pad. Both are very prompt for me at Ceder Crest.

Bernard Japy

Excellent Service

My needs have been met. The knowledge of computer and excellent response to my needs are always met. I would recommend you quickly.

Joseph Rosica

New Computer

Marlena did a wonderful job in setting up my new Windows 10 computer. It only took about two hours to do what it would take me two days to do.

Norman Lykes

Fast and Consistent Spot On Service

We are extremely satisfied with the service and support we receive from Richard and Marlena and the entire Computer Medic team. We recently have had both hardware and software issues that completely paralyzed our business. Computer Medic quickly diagnosed our problems and had us up and running within the day.
Highly Recommend!

Cynthia Diaz
East Hudson Primary Care

Reliable,knowledgeable , friendly. 

Rich & Marlena at Computer Medic have helped me out of many PC breakdowns. They are reliable,knowledgeable , friendly.

Martin Phillips

At your service!

Richard has been to my apartment several times since I moved to Cedar Crest 12 years ago. Now I just call Marlena and say i am frustrated with the computer and she rescues me.

Katherine Weltner

Prompt and Efficient.

Necessary services were promptly and efficiently provided

Norbert Ripp

Ten Years Without Panic

One of Richard’s early clients, I’ve found him and Marlena reliable, knowledgeable and available whenever my laptop puts me in panic mode. They speak in language that us seniors can understand, know the answers to my most puzzling questions, and solve problems, even over the phone. I’ve recommended the team to all my friends at Cedar Crest – no complaints from anybody. Now, how many computer services can you say that about?

Dr. Jim Gallagher

Recommend them to everyone.

I have had to call on Computer Medic several times since I moved to Pompton Plains and each time I have been completely satisfied with their work and their interaction with this completely computer illiterate person. I do recommend them to others. Cathie Myers

Catherine Myers

Always a pleasure.

It is a pleasure to write a recommendation for Computer Medic. Richard is accessible, available and knowledgeable. He comes quickly when called, and proves to have competitive pricing.
I and my neighbors have had the pleasure of using her services.

Mildred Kaye

Richard was most helpful.

Richard was most helpful, He fixed all my problems. I will continue to use his service in the future, as needed.

Edythe Kornfeld

Richard gave his usual excellent service!

Richard gave his usual excellent service ,including going out to a vendor to pick up a new modem.

John S. Merz

Prompt and Professional Service

We can’t recommend Computer Medic highly enough. We are always able to get a speedy appointment. Richard has always been able to answer all our questions, solve all our computer issues, and make sure we know how to avoid the issues in the future. He even solves problems for which we have not made the appointment for! We could not be more pleased.

Barbara and Harry Smith

Computer illiterate senior

I call Marlena when ever I get frustrated with my computer. If she is not there I leave a message and she gets back to me very quickly. She is always very patient with me and I leave the computer on and she gets busy fixing it without me having to be right there. They will fix my problem and bill me for the service which is a reasonable fee. I jokingly asked if they could put me on a yearly retainer.

Katherine Weltner

Very Satisfied

Computer Medic refurbished my old Compaq computer with a new hard drive and reinstalled all previous data and programs. Their work was performed within a very short time frame and the price was very reasonable as well.
I did have an issue with sending emails after taking delivery, which Richard was able to resolve within a matter of minutes.

I am very satisfied with their work and would highly recommend Richard and Marlena whenever you need assistance with your computer.


Morris Beaver
Computer Medic

Anothe great job

Rich has been taking care of my computer problems since we moved to Cedar Crest 13 years ago. What ever the problem was he was able to fix it and a few other thing to make it run like new again. Whether it was a hardware or software problem, he was either able to fix it or guide me to an appropriate replacement. It is very comforting to know that help is only a phone call away.

Donald Galvin

Computer Medic – Brings Outstanding Customer Service to @home based tetchnology solutions

After spending 25+ years in corporate America, relying on heavily on IT support to do my job well, it is very rewarding to find reliable, attentive, customer focused IT solutions for my @home technology. Computer Medic is all that and more, bringing reasonable pricing to the mix as well. Any home utilizing WIFI needs hands on knowledgeable and reliable technology experts to help you navigate through the many wireless home devices here today and more coming down the road. Computer Medic is my on call technology support team, and I’m planning to see them more as I expand my @ home WIFI devices even further.

Joseph Catanese

Been using Computer Medic for a long time.

Been using Rich since our move to Cedar Crest, and now without my husband, it is very comfortable to call Computer Medic and get this up and running again, as I am involved in many activities here and depend on notices and confirmations.
He is patient and understanding with beginners.

Carolyn Krause

Thank you for prompt and courteous service!

Thank you for prompt & courteous service. I have already referred two people to you.

Clare Esser

Excellent service from Computer Medic

Richard Metting from Computer Medic serviced my computer on 10/19 and did an excellent job. He
went beyond what was required to fix it and now my computer is better than it has ever been. I would
recommend him highly to anyone needing a computer pro.

Elizabeth Barrett
retired senior

Computer updates and correction.

Computer Medic did a thorough job and got my computer back to where it needed to be,
something that I did not have the ability to do. They did a great job!

I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a computer pro. And he is very pleasant, too.

Elizabeth Barrett
retired senior

Best Computer Service!!!

They are always there for you. Rich always arrives on time and I have
never had a problem that he couldn’t fix. Whenever I call the office,
Marlena is very helpful. I have been using them for years and I highly
recommend them!!!

Pat Bruno

Very professional!

Very professional! Richard Metting was running behind schedule and made sure to call me to let me know this. When he arrived he wasted no time & immediately began repairing my computer & also corrected my printer. I would recommend Computer Medic to everyone.

Jean S Pintagro



geraldine felber


I have been using Computer Medic for many years at Cedar Crest.
The same day service, whether by phone or in person, is excellent and reliable.

Irene Buff

Reliable and Smart

Reliable and smart are the two reasons that Rich and Marlena are running such a successful business. They are always on time answer the phone and deal with your problem in a very quick way. They Supply the best customer service you could ask for and are both extremely pleasant to work with. I highly recommend them to my family and friends.

Jill Walsh
Park Avenue Concrete

Always there

I consider myself computer ignorant. I call Marlena and she always has the answer and does so from her office. Rarely can she not solve the problem and if she does have a problem, Richard is always available to come to the apartment and fix it. They have been my go to since I moved to Cedar Crest 11 years ago. Very happy with them.

Katherine Weltner

Computer Medic always solves the problem.

Computer Medic has solved my computer problems over the past years quickly and expertly. They show up on time , listen to my tale of anguish, and apply their expertise. Voila – problem solved, computer working.

Pat Thaler

Very convenient for Ceder Crest

Very convenient for Ceder Crest Resident, Richard was at my door on time and helped me with my computer and my i pad.

Bernard Japy

Quick and competent service

Could’nt connect printer to computer, but Richard arrives as promised, heard me describe my problem, sat down to my computer and not only fixed the problem, he also speeded up the computer. All of the foregoing done in a very short time as well as teaching me how to avoid future printer/ computer difficulties. Really great work! I highly recommend them.

Robert J. Murray

Willing to go the extra mile!

Our office has been using Computer Medic as our sole provider of IT services for several years. We appreciate that the team has always been accommodating to our needs & is always willing to go the extra mile to get the job done.

Woodridge Medical

purchase and installation of new computer

I have used Computer Medic for several years and always was satisfied with their service. The purchase and installation of my new computer was a very good and painless experience. I recommend them to anyone who
needs computer advise.

Dolores Miller

Very Efficient!

Richard was efficient and took care of my problem.

Betty Aiken

job well done

computer medic is fast, efficient and careful. throw in a lot of training if it’s needed. I’ve used them for many years and here they are when I need them.


Marlena and Richard to the rescue!!!

Whenever I have had a computer/printer problem, either Richard or Marlena have come to my rescue, and stayed with me until the problem was resolved. – Can’t ask for more. – Thank you!!!!!

irene buff

Richard Knows Me Well

That heading means the problem here is not a “run of the mill” one. I’m usually able to fix or figure out my computer/printer problems, but when it goes beyond my basics, Richard & Marlena are ready to patiently take over & solve my mess.
I’ve recommended ComputerMedic to many people over the years and everyone has been pleased with their services as well.

Joann West


When our computers stop working we call Computer Medic, the company we’ve come to depend on for courteous, prompt and reliable service. We perform an auditing service for banks that is time sensitive. Computer Medic solves our problems and keeps us up and running .

Edward Slingland

I have called Computer Medic

I have called Computer Medic on several occasions. Both Richard and Marlena have answered my questions and fixed the problems. If a visit was required, Richard kept to his schedule (and mine) and he left with my laptop in tiptop condition. Thank you.

Donna Unez


Marlena and Rich are true professionals. Extremely knowledgeable and provide prompt, courteous service with reasonable fees. I highly recommend them for all of your computer and information technology needs.

Joe LiPari
Joseph LiPari, CPA

Great Service

Whenever there is a problem with any tech related equipment in my office, I call Computer Medic and they’re there right away. They understand the importance of keeping a business up and running with their tech needs, and always there when a problem occurs.

Dr John D Aston

Excellent; Prompt knowledgeable responsible service.

Excellent; Prompt knowledgeable responsible service. goes beyond the reason for the service call and evaluates other areas of possible problems. I have used Computer Medic for 10 years and have always recommended Computer Medic to friends and associates.

Robert M. Regent

Quick Books Problem

I called Monday morning with a problem in Quickbooks. They set an appointment for 3:00 that afternoon. Richard came at 3:00 fixed the problem in a half hour. What else could you ask for. Excellent service, knowledge and caring. Would recommend them to everyone.

jay skiba
North Jersey Gutter Topper

Go to people!

Marlena and Richard have been my “go to” people for computer problems since moving to NJ four years ago. Dealing with them has been very pleasant and I would highly recommend them .


Iris Tarafdar

Totally competent, on time and clear with explanations

Totally competent, on time and clear with explanations. I know that if I have issues, they will be fixed in a timely fashion, so that my laptop will be in tiptop condition when Richard leaves. Thank you for your expertise.

Donna Inez

Thanks so much!

I do love you and the fact that I can reach at least 1 of you!  Thanks so much for being my computer support system. I really appreciate your help!

Phyliss Becker

Both are great!

Both you and Richard have helped me so many times with whatever problems have come up. I know I can always count on you to fix whatever. You both are great.

Sandra Moore

Richard has been our “go-to-guy”

Richard has been our “go-to-guy” since we moved to Cedar Crest in 2009. Marlena has helped us numerous times by walking us through difficult (to us) situations. Last month she came to my rescue big time in a very important connection with my granddaughter overseas. We appreciate both Richard and Marlena not only for their extensive expertise, but especially for their infinite patience with these non-tech seniors.
Roger and Lucille Markay

Roger and Lucille Markay

Computer Medic was recommended to me

Computer Medic was recommended to me by my cousin Bill S. after I was scammed by another service via the phone, they messed up my computer and I lost money.
Marlena cleaned up my computer. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! She helps each time I have a problem. Marlena and Richard are very reliable. When my printer, which I purchased in 2000 finally gave up, Marlena helped get me a new one and within days Richard was here connecting it to my laptop.
Without Computer Medic I would not be able to work on my computer. Thank you so much.
I have recommended you to friends.

Kathi Nienhouse

Superior Service

The service provided by Computer Medic is outstanding. Quite often my problems have been able to be solved over the phone. When an in-house visit is required the problem is resolved promptly and efficiently. In my opinion, the reason for the good service is that they listen to my concerns so that they can properly address the problem. In addition, they usually find other problems that I wasn’t aware of and take care of them immediately. Finally, the rates that they charge are reasonable and fair.

Norman Lykes

Best Ever

Glad to know that I can call when I have a problem ,and that it will be solved within reasonable time. Since I am not a frequent user, nor expert at this, I find I need to have a reliable source to count, on and that has always been Computer Medic.

Reese Feldman

Computer Medic Rocks

I’ve tried a number of computer services; no one tops Computer Medic.
They are professional, knowledgeable, and go the extra mile.
I’m looking forward to using their web/blog design and SEO services
as soon as I get the time,

Susan Donnelly

My wife and I have been using Computer Medic for several years.

My wife and I have been using Computer Medic for several years now and are not only satisfied with their service but also very pleased with their responsiveness and knowledge of the business. We have used them primarily for computer issues but also for help installing our smart tv. We have referred them to any number of friends as well as our non-profit.

Hans-Jurgen Lehmann

Reliable help when needed– a sure cure for unsolvable problems.

There are times that I feel the computer has control of me and I can’t understand what or why something is happening. Richard and Marlena have always come to my rescue when needed. Sometimes, upon permission, Marlena has accessed my computer from her office and fixed my problems even when it took her hours to zero in on what was happening. The next thing I knew, they were miraculously fixed. It is a relief to know they are a phone call away.

Marilyn Craine

Professional affordable Dependable!

What a comfort knowing this team of computer experts are routing for me!
No question too silly, no service to small- knowledgeable, dependable and immediate response sets a standard that is always achieved!

Lehmann Hans-Jurgen

It is always a Pleasure!

It is always a pleasure to deal with either Marlena or Rich. They are courteous and very knowledgeable. They always fixed my computer , and always arrived at the specified time. I recommend them to my relatives and friends.

Andrew Elzinga

Great pair

Always came to my rescue and didn’t keep me waiting too long.

Clara Levine

A Service well worth having!!!

I have used this service several times. In my experience, Richard arrives when he promises, listens attentively, and then fixes the problem(s) fast. If the problem is unfixable, he tells you how to work around it. I recommend him without reservation.

Fred Palace

Computer Medic a great partner for phone service

Computer medic team have been very responsive in supporting us with our phone system. They have moved us to a cloud based phone service and saving us on our monthly telecom operating expenses.

Imran Dalvi

A job well done

I had a problem that needed to be fixed ASAP. I called several vendors and decided to go with your business. You provided me with Mac and HP and Printer support . I recommend you to several people and all were satisfied .

I was very pleased as well and won’t hesitate to call on you in the future for any problems that come up in the future .


William R. Sonnema

Peace of Mind

Knowing that your sevice is a phone call away is reassuring and comforting. I have been in Emergency Mode and the pick up of my phone places you at my side. I am rescued, I can continue with peace of mind. You assist is most necessary in my partially filled Techy knowledge. I turn things over to you and am comforted.

Thanks for being there. I would be lost without your services. Your warmth and dedication to handling my account is to be commended. Please, never leave me. Joe Rosica

Joseph Rosica

Extremely helpful & knowledgeable

Rich and Marlena are excellent at what they do. I called them in the first time when our e-mail was hacked and a major client blocked communications with us. Rich responded immediately and corrected the situation the very same day! We have been with them ever since. They are reliable and up to date with the latest in technology.