So you want to build a custom PC?

EnvyBits is a great user friendly tool that allows someone to build a computer from scratch.

Use EnvyBits to keep your Custom Build under Budget

This online tool will generate part prices from multiple websites to allow for the you to choose the best price for each part you need. The part of this online resource that I find extremely useful (especially for individuals who are new to custom builds) is it will ask you how much you are looking to spend and will recommend the best parts available within that price range. It even shows you links to the websites that Envybits trusts with the lowest price.

Upgrade your Current PC

Another feature which I have started using recently for my personnel use is the PC Upgrade section. This allows you to put in all the parts in your current computer and Envybits will tell what upgrades it may need. Even if parts aren’t outdated Envybits will recommend upgrades will increase your PCs performance.

Anyone can use it! But we are still here to help!

Overall this website is a great resource for anyone who wants to build a custom pc or upgrade their current PC. But if you still have questions on how to get started with your custom PC build or PC upgrade, we are here to guide you! Call or text us at 973-910-1349 and ask for AJ!