Microsoft has been becoming more and more persistent for people to update to windows 10.

Here are some of the Messages that may be popping up at inconvenient times.



What if we don’t want to update to windows 10?


Well fortunately there is a very easy solution to stop Microsoft from updating to windows 10.

Download and install GWX Control Panel

GWX Control Panel

After opening GWX Control Panel click on each of the items that I have highlighted in red.

This will stop windows 10 from constantly bothering you to upgrade.

9 thoughts on “Stop bothering me to update to windows 10!!!!

  1. Thanks Rich you also told me that if Windiws 10 does accidentally downloads you can reverse back to Windows 7 within a 30 day window and that’s exactly what I did! Thanks for the tip.

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  3. This is great, thank you! What is the final step, after clicking on the four items shown? There is no ‘submit’ button…

    1. The items begin making the changes as soon as you click on them. No need to hit submit.

  4. The other day, windows 10 installed itself on my desk top computer. I tried to stop it ….but it wouldn’t stop. When the install was complete, I could no longer get on the internet. I used the option to go back to Windows 7. Still, I cannot get on the internet on this device. All of our other devices still work off of the wi-fi, just not the machine with windows 10. I spent two hours on the phone with Microsoft, but all i got from that was…… MAD….!!! Is there a way for me to fix whatever is stopping me from getting on the internet in Windows 7…(and i also am planning to block ALL updates from Microsoft if I can get this internet issue fixed). Thanks for any help you can offer…!!!!

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