My Computer is running slow what should I do?


Just because your computer is running slowly doesn’t mean it necessarily time to get a new computer. We have found that most computers are lasting about 8 years now before they are unable to keep up with the current technology out there. Sometimes they last a little less sometimes a little longer. Here are a few steps that anyone can follow to try to get there computer to run faster again.

  1. Scan your computer for Malware

Not all problematic programs on a computer are necessarily viruses. Sometimes programs on computers are really just not designed well. Some of these “Malware” programs are not really specifically designed to be malicious in nature. They latch onto browsers to try to redirect your home page or cause advertising or even provide a functionality that may be beneficial, but when a program is not coded well it will cause your computer to work extra hard therefore slowing it down. Two fantastic programs are Malwarebytes and Adwcleaner. Recently Adwcleaner got purchases by Malwarebytes but I find that using the combo of the two programs is beneficial. Try downloading these programs to see if it helps with the speed at all, you may be surprised.

  1. Disable excess startup items.

As time progresses we naturally install more and more stuff on our computer. Most of these programs turn on automatically even though we don’t need them at every computer session. Try typing msconfig in your start menu to disable some of these items. It will not only increase the speed at which the computer turns on at but will also help with the operation of it when using your PC.

  1. You may need more RAM

A much cheaper solution then purchasing a new computer is to install RAM and it is super easy to do. Typically a computer will start slowing down when you use more than 50% of your total RAM available. To easily see how much RAM you have available versus the amount of RAM you are using; Type system in your start menu and press ctrl shift esc to open up your task manager and click on performance.  Your system screen will show you how much RAM you have available and your task manager will show you how much you are using. Try opening up typical programs that you use at one time and see if you are using more than 50%. If you are then it may be worthwhile considering upgrading your RAM.


I hope some of these tricks help saving you from having to purchase a new machine.

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  1. Your “tips” are quite helpful IN THEORY-but perhaps you should label them as applicable for MAC users OR for PC’s or both

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