Google’s Gmail is getting a makeover for the first time since 2011. Some users have already experienced the switch, while other users will begin seeing the new look in the coming weeks. In our opinion, Google has always been the superior option when it comes to picking an email provider, but these new features will surely win them the number 1 spot.


What are the new features?


Application Integration

Perhaps the most exciting part of the new design is its integration with other applications giving you access to popular apps without ever having to leave your email. Google has delivered a new sidebar that allows you use Calendar, Keep (note-taking), or Tasks (to-do list). However integration is not limited to just Google Applications. You can integrate Quickbooks Invoicing, Ring Central, Docusign and other common apps. I am sure that this list will only grow as time goes on.  This is a game changer – particularly for businesses. 


Snoozing Emails

Just like an alarm clock, you will be able to snooze emails so that they reappear in the inbox, hours or days later so if you want to come back to an email at a later time, this reminder prevents it from slipping through the cracks.


Smart Compose and Smart Reply

Nowadays we are constantly reading emails on the go, which overall is pretty easy to do, but responding to those emails takes a bit more energy. With Smart Reply and Smart Compose, Google uses AI technology to suggest responses based on the email you received. The suggested text appears in grey when you start to type the sentence, if you like what it says press”tab” to complete it or type differently to deviate. Google said this will help save time — it can suggest phrases based on context, like “Have a great weekend!” on a Friday. It can also minimize spelling and grammar errors. Either way, you’re saving time.


If you have any questions about any of the new features, let us know!! We are always happy to help!