For those of you who don’t know; Wemo is a Belkin created product that allows you to turn on and off different devices from a remote location. The main drawback of a Wemo is the fact that it does not allow you to have devices at different locations. Belkin has been promising to revise the architecture of this for a number of years now and has not followed through with designing an app that supports devices on different routers.

The solution to not being able to use Wemo at more than one location is to download the App Cloner app. The instructions below are for setting up to one additional location for free. If you want to setup your Wemo at more than one additional location you can purchase the App Cloner app for a modest $5. 

Personally I have made the purchase and find that the $5 is money well spent for being able to control Wemo from as many locations as I would like.

The following is a 7 step procedure on how to get the Wemo app to work at multiple locations on an Android Device. I have not tested it on an Iphone as of yet but you can download a similar app to App Cloner called App Duplicator.

Step 1:

Go to the Google play store and install App Cloner. 



Step 2:

Open the App Cloner  and Choose Wemo from the list of apps.


Step 3: Choose a clone number. If you are doing more than one clone you will have to change the number to 2 for the second clone and 3 for the third ect. You can choose the name of the cloned app to be whatever you want to be able to distinguish between the original Wemo app and your alternate location easily. You can even change the Icon color if you choose to do so.



Step 4

Wait for the new app to be created. This took between 2 and 3 minutes for me.




Step 5:

Install the newly created app.




Step 6:

Click install again.



Step 7:

After your newly created Wemo app is installed be sure to open it up in the second location. The last thing you want to do is to open it up at the original  location that you already have the devices configured at. If you need to control your Wemo from that original location, just take your phone off of Wifi.


***Update, with the newest version of this app, it now forces you to create an account. This is advantageous because it because this allows Wemo to works from multiple locations. If you are not being forced to setup an account with an email address then you still have the older version of the app. Go to the app store or play store and update to the newest version. If you still do not find this functionality after updating, then your version of your operating system is to old.

9 thoughts on “How to Get Wemo to Work in Multiple Locations

  1. I can’t get it connect the device to the house wifi just stops at that step any advice?

  2. After cloning the app and setting it up, are you able to connect the secondary instance to Google Home? Will Google Home know which location to drop the device?

    RANT: I’ve invested so much into Wemo products but they keep disappointing me when it comes to anything the slightest bit complicated. It took them forever to even do a 3-way switch. Thinking about just looking for a replacement for my Wemo devices.

    1. I honestly have not experimented with Google Home to see if the second location will work with it. If you or anyone else has any in-site on this I would appreciate anyone sharing.

  3. You can have wemos in two locations. I got mine working. I think the trick is to have same network name and same passwords.

    I have two wemo insights at work and 30 wemo switches at home and they are working fine.

    My network ID and password are the same on both locations.

  4. Identical SSID and password method does not work. The Wemo app remembers only the LAST setup that was performed and is really steadfast on hanging onto those devices that were added on that LAST network. App cloner or another device are the only solution.

    1. Thanks for the update Amir, I have updated our page to explain the new functionality that has been added in. Long overdue. Am very happy we don’t have to jump through hoops anymore.

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