So lets face it. Not all of us are proponents of change. As a matter of fact many of us are repulsed by the idea. For some of us Windows 10 is awesome, but not all of us have the same opinion. So what do we do if we made the bold move to upgrade our computers to windows 10 and we hate it? Here are some real simple steps to get rid of windows 10

The first step is to click on your start menu and choose settings.

Windows 10 start menu

After you have chosen settings. You can then click on Update and Security.

Windows 10 settings

Then Choose Recovery and under where it says to go back to either windows 7 or windows 8. Click Get started.

Uninstall Windows 10


It’s as simple as that. At least it is for most. The downgrade typically is only available for 30 days. I have successfully found some computers are able to be downgraded after that time period so its always worth a shot.

If you are successful in uninstalling Windows 10 you will want to read up on how to stop it from upgrading again. Read my Article below for the next part of the procedure.

9 thoughts on “Get rid of Windows 10.

  1. I’m trying to go back to windows 7 but that option in Recovery is not there. All I have is advanced start-up. My users are gone, my files are gone, this is a disaster!

    1. If the option is not there for recovery then most likely you have waiting to long to be able to do the downgrade. Usually you have a month to do it and the. The windows.old files are removed off of the disk. I don’t know of any reason why your user files should be gone though. Have you looked thoroughly through the c:/users folder?

      1. I have not waited that long, I upgraded it just yesterday by accident and everything is gone. So I cannot open any options either in order to downgrade it. Which means I am also screwed because nobody has any advice to delete it without the options that I cannot open.

  2. I have the same situation as Aaron, nothing special happened. Just upgraded from win7 to win10 on 06/30/2016, then all my stuff are gone, so want to go back, but there is no such option – Go back to windows 7. Have enabled the built-in admin account, still cannot see that option. There is only one thing happened, During window 10 upgrade, it detected Nero is not compatible with win 10, so have to click “Uninstall” – there is no other option, but it failed to unstall Nero, so it displayed the msg – manually uninstall. How can I do during upgrade? quit the entire upgrade? so I check the action type – I remember the type I selected is kind like ignore, then it shows next button and allow me to continue. This is the whole story. I just cannot go back now.

  3. Make sure you are logged on to a user account that has admin rights. I just figured that out. I use a std user in Windows 7 do do daily stuff, then use admin for admin things!

  4. Have one critical app that win-10 doesn’t like. Went through the compatibility steps and it still doesn’t work. So, the heck with win10.
    I login as admin, have the option to rollback from win-10pro to win7-pro. Do all the steps, reboots twice on its own and I’m still on win10-pro! What a PILE of you know what! And, it’s VERY odd that there’s no ms-technet posts on the subject.
    I guess I’ll just have to go to the backups and re-image my whole machine back to win7.

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