It is hard keeping up with technology being a small business owner. One of the issues that seems to be a consistent problem is not having a solid Wifi network setup in the office. Most routers that can be bought at local stores are designed for home use. Although some of these routers are substantial for a small business, often companies reach a size in which these devices are not able to provide a strong enough wireless signal or the maximize the full potential speed of your network.

Business grade access points provide a longer range that residential grade routers cannot achieve. Plus for larger environments you can setup multiple access points to work together. If properly configured they will provide fast handoff and feasibly be able to move from one side of the building to the other without losing your connection.

Business grade access points also can provide a higher throughput. Simply put they can have the ability to send data at once without becoming bogged down.

There are many different brands to choose from that can provide a better more reliable Wifi network at you office location but I personally have a few favorites that I work with.

The first one is EnGenius

These are very easy to tweak to maximize your coverage in the office. The 2.4ghz band allows your older equipment to connect. The 5.0 Ghz frequency allows your newer equipment to be able to communicate over the network at a much faster speed. The AC standard allows for you to be able to have data travel through the access points at up to 1300 mbs. The external antennas are fantastic to maximize the range of the Wi-fi signal

The second option is Ubiquiti


These also work very well and have many of the same specs. The main difference between the Ubiquiti access points and the Engenius access points is that the engenius access points have external antennas which allow for a larger range.

It is important when choosing a technology that works over both a 5 ghz and a 2.4 ghz frequency range. Typically speaking 5 ghz is able to provide a faster and more reliable connection but the problem is that some devices do not support the newer 5ghz standard. So to make sure that all of your devices work it is wise to purchase a device that supports both.

If you have any questions about how to make your network more reliable, feel free to contact me.