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Diagnose and resolve Computer not booting for Desktops and Laptops. Service available for both Windows and Apple Products. Computers not booting up can be caused by a few things. If there is no power or sign of life at all, it can be a sign of a bad motherboard or a power supply. If the computer is coming on but not flashing the bios screen or starting the bootup process, then typically either the RAM needs to be re-socketed, or the motherboard is bad. If you are getting beeping noises at bootup, a lot of times they are beeping in a certain pattern and you can use those codes to diagnose what the issue may be. Sometimes computers will actually start booting up and give you some sort of error. Usually that is a sign of a operating system issue or a failing hard drive. Call us today to diagnose which of these problems is stopping your computer from turning on.


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