Volk Fi Promises Free Cell phone service Launch date December 2019

I must admit, I was very skeptical myself, but it is a very interesting concept.

By combining already invented technologies, Volk fi believes they  can create a brand new type of cell phone network that utilizes people’s existing  home or office based internet connections.

The theory is that most people are located within a half of a mile of a standard internet connection or another cell phone user who is. Each Volk fi customer is provided with a wireless charging pad that serves as a dual purpose. It not only charges your phone, but it also hooks up to your router to form a mini Volk fi cell phone tower for you and other nearby Volk fi users.

So how does Volk fi work?

Using unregulated FCC 915 MHZ ISM frequencies, Volk fi has implemented a network sharing platform that uses VPN and Mesh network technologies. For those of you who don’t know what the heck these terms mean, let me explain each of them.


This abbreviated term stands for Virtual Private Network. In
essence a Virtual Private Network allows you to encrypt data from one point to
another through a network. This provides a completely secure way of communicating
information from one point to another no matter how many different devices that
the data passes through.

Mesh Network

This type of network allows you to route the data through
whatever is the quickest route is available. Think of it like our complex
roadway system.

Normally when using a standard internet connection, packets
of information are routed along certain paths. If something along that path
breaks (or for analogy sake, a road is closed) the packets do not arrive to
their destination.

When we are driving our cars and a road becomes closed, then
we just choose the quickest route we can find to avoid that closure.

A Mesh network works the same way. If a device attached to
the network stops working or gets shut off,  and the path is “broken” the packets
will find the next best way to get to where they need to go.

Volk fi  uses this exact same technology. They use Volk fi phones in the area to choose which is the best path with the least amount of hops to get back to the standard internet connection that is available, which in turn provides the Volk fi user with cell service.

What are the downsides?

There are a few issues I can see with this concept. Having someone else’s service pass through your phone could drain your battery quickly.

Also, the 900MHz frequency range is limited in how much digitalization that can be used to pass multiple connections at once within an area. I can see Volk fi running into signaling issues if Volk fi’s service were to gain a lot of popularity.

On the flip side, since the service relies on a certain number of users within a reasonable proximity for it to all “Mesh” together, Volk fi will not work at all if not enough people sign up.

While Volk fi is in early stages of launching, there is a SIM card slot that can be utilized with another carrier to have a “backup ” service until more people start using the phone and service becomes more reliable. You can pre-order now by requesting a link on Volk fi’s Facebook page.

Volk Fi will start shipping December of 2019. Visit Volkfi.com for more information.