By Richard Metting

Windows 10 Review

Let me start by saying that Windows 10 is a huge upgrade compared to Windows 8. One of the biggest problems with Windows 8 was that it seemed like Microsoft forgot about some of the important functions that Windows users utilize on a day to day basis.

So to come up with a solution Microsoft seemed to merge both Operating systems together.  Windows 10 literally is Windows 7 and Windows 8 in a combined package. Therefore 7 + 8=10

Let’s look at some of the key features of Windows 10

The start menu is usable again.


Thanks to the re-design, you can now easily find your documents, applications, and the power off function again without having to jump through hoops. This setup for a start menu works much better for the average computer user who has either a desktop of a laptop. They also included the windows 8 metro screen on the right hand part of the start menu that includes the windows 8 designed active tiles. These can include such things at live weather update, live stock quotes, and live news feeds.

Tablet Mode

Maybe you are one of those out there that actually liked the Windows 8 styled Metro screen. I will admit the Windows 8 style Metro screen did work fantastic on a tablet. You have the ability to switch your computer to what is called tablet mode.2

This can easily be done by clicking on the new notifications window directly to the left of the clock in the lower right hand corner.

This new notifications access center screen screen can also do much more then switch into tablet mode. It easily allows you to see your incoming mail on the computer, Connect Bluetooth devices (much simpler than any Operating system from before) , Change the brightness of the3screen, Connect to Wifi, and much more. If you have a tablet or another type of touch screen device, this can also be accessed by swiping left from the right part of the screen.

You can easily access settings on your computer by click on the start menu or clicking on the new notifications access center screen. This does not replace the old fashioned control panel but is an alternative and better organized way to access settings on the computer.


Microsoft has been struggling to compete in the world of browsers. With more and more people using alternatives such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, they slowly were losing grasp on people that were interested in using Internet Explorer. Much of the problems with Internet Explorer were speed related issues. The browser had become so cumbersome and slow that users were getting fed up with using it. With the Windows 10 release Microsft has introduced a new product called Microsoft Edge, which theoretically replaces Internet Explorer. The browser works just about as quickly as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

For all those people that would have had a hard time parting with Internet Explorer, don’t worry. The old version of Internet Explorer is still available to use and is also integrated into Windows 8. Whoever said you can’t please everyone, clearly was wrong in this scenario.

And last but not least Microsoft has finally caught up to Apple and Google and has added on a voice recognition assistant called Cortana. The system seems to recognize words better then IOS or Android and has just as much functionality if not more.

Click here to find a list of commands for Cortana

Haven’t upgraded to Windows 10 yet? That’s no problem, currently you have until August of 2016 to upgrade. If you are unsure how to do the upgrade, check out some of my other tech tips on the top right  of the screen.